DEPARTURESlive - Better service for your passengers!

The app for real-time passenger information

The INIT app DEPARTURESlive allows your passengers to get reality-based, real-time information right from their smart phones.

No matter where they are travelling – in the city or in rural areas - , passengers can request timetable information for any stop in real-time.

With just a few clicks, stops, departures, maps, and even an integrated Augmented Reality feature can be easily accessed. With the most recent update you have the opportunity to view the journey course, set alarms for your departure and your exit stop and furthermore use the widget for quick access. 

Thus, the smart phone becomes a modern real-time companion providing current information within the relevant service area.

The DEPARTURESlive app is platform-independent, - thus it is available for iOS and Android-based mobile devices. Download DEPARTURESlive in the iTunes or Google Play Store. 

DEPARTURESlive offers your passengers complete control of their travel experience and allows you to provide an even better service! 

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Features DEPARTURESlive:

  • Detection of nearby stops
  • Display of the next departures
  • Map view
  • List of all stops
  • List of bookmarks
  • Augmented Reality
  • Pedestrian Navigation

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