init innovation in traffic systems SE

init innovation in traffic systems SE was established on 18. August 2000. Since July 2001, the company has been public on the German stock exchange. At present, init innovation in traffic systems SE exercises a holding function for the INIT Group and is also responsible for controlling, finance and accounting functions.

Board of Management

Dr.-Ing. Gottfried Greschner - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dipl.-Kaufm. Dr. Jürgen Greschner - Deputy CEO
Dipl.-Kaufm. Bernhard Smolka- Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Dipl.-Inform. Achim Becker - Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Matthias Kühn - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Supervisory Board

Dipl.-Kaufm. Hans-Joachim Rühlig (Chairman)
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Sieg (Deputy Chairman)
Drs. Hans Rat

Executive Director

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Jennifer Bodenseh - Executive Director and team leader accounting