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Logo of INIT

Board of Management of init AG

Headquarters of INIT in Karlsruhe, Germany

Supervisory Board of init AG

Intermodal Transport Control System ITCS (next generation of CAD/AVL)

Realtime passenger information at
the stop

"I am paying with plastic"

Sales Terminal in the bus or light rail


TOUCHit, Mobile Data Terminal with Touchscreen

PRESSit, Driver Interface with Softkeys

COPILOTpc, On-Board Computer
based on Windows XP Embedded

The real-time indicator panel informs the driver

On-Board Passenger Information Display PIDmobil

Dynamic Passenger Information
Display PIDstation

Dynamic Passenger Information
Module PIDintegral

Terminal Management System

Compact On-Board PC with inte-
grated Touch Screen COPILOTtouch

Passenger Terminal PROXmobil

TFT passenger information display PIDscreen

8.4" mobil data terminal TOUCHmon

PC-based ticketprinter and on-board computer EVENDpc

Passenger Information via Internet and Mobile Devices

Multimedia Passenger Information Disply