ITCS – the next generation of fleet management

INIT’s Fleet Management System allows you to offer your passengers service that is as fast, attractive and reliable as possible.

Fleet Management

On-Board Computer

Traffic Signal Priority


On-Demand Service


Sometimes managing daily operations in a public transport company is like herding cats. Incidents occur on all fronts with your dispatchers working hard to solve the problems, keep schedules, ensure transfers and provide up-to-date information. The Intermodal Transport Control System, MOBILE-ITCS is the tool that allows your dispatchers to master their challenging tasks and offer a first-class service that will convince people to switch to public transportation.

The central management tool

MOBILE-ITCS provides your dispatchers with all the information they need to control operations efficiently. The ITCS tracks and monitors the location of all vehicles. Disturbances in service are indicated instantly by messages from the affected vehicles and system alerts. Comfortable dispatching measures assist your dispatchers whenever action is needed to work around an incident and ensure reliable service. Thus, your passengers can experience smooth trips with an on time service and transfers that are met.

On-board and on the road

State-of-the-art, on-board computers allow utilizing the ITCS to its full scope, as they give you the chance to better involve your drivers in the process of controlling services. Voice and data communication between the vehicles and the central system can be accomplished via digital or analog radio systems, as well as by public mobile radio or hybrid communication systems.

Travel times can be significantly optimized by the traffic signal priority system, LISA. Hence, fewer vehicles are needed, and passengers are pleased with faster service and schedules that are on time.

No transport company is an island

Offering a service that can compete with individual travel modes means that you have to provide service that goes the extra mile and dovetails with other public transportation services or modes of transport. That’s why we designed MOBILE-ITCS

  • Intermodal
  • Interoperable
  • Multi-client capable

This is also crucial when a transportation authority wants to integrate with several operators into one single system. Therefore, MOBILE-ITCS accomplishes full integration while guaranteeing data secrecy for the individual transportation operators.

Offering first-class service is the key to convincing people to switch to public transport.


To make your service as productive as possible, optimization needs to be an ongoing process. MOBILEstatistics provides you with sound statistical information for further planning and management decisions based on operational data collected by MOBILE-ITCS and the on-board computer. In addition, the Automatic Passenger Counting system, MOBILE-APC, lets you know how your service is used by the passengers.

Moreover, INIT is able to fully integrate the Electronic Fare Management with the ITCS to save investment costs and working time.

MOBILE-ITCS allows you to

  • Track your vehicles
  • Monitor your service
  • Resolve disturbances
  • Ensure smooth service
  • Integrate with other transport services
  • Satisfy your passengers


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