When planning becomes child’s play

INIT’s Planning System allows you to offer your passengers optimal service and to keep costs down at the same time.


Block Building


Sometimes planning feels like trying to fit a square peg into a circle. Your passengers demand a high frequency service. But on the other hand, you have to keep costs down. And every bus that you don’t need to utilize saves you money. Here MOBILE-PLAN, INIT’s planning system, comes into play. Its unique optimization tools and flexibility allow you to offer a maximum of service while deploying a minimum of resources. This is vital for the economical prosperity of your company.

More than an optimization tool

MOBILE-PLAN makes planning easy for all planners. No matter if you prefer to use the sophisticated optimization algorithms of the automatic planning to build your schedules, blocks and duties or if you need utmost flexibility, like for planning suburban services. MOBILE-PLAN provides you with the options. So it is for you to decide, what is the most efficient way: to use the automatic planning or adapt the results manually to specific demands, or even to fully plan manually.

Planning outside the box

Allocating blocks to your timetable MOBILE-PLAN considers your individual operational settings and keeps the use of vehicles as low as possible. Traditionally, duties have just been built based on these blocks. But this approach doesn’t pay enough attention to the restrictions of driver duties and therefore doesn’t consider that optimized vehicle runs do not necessarily ad up to maximum cost efficiency. That is why MOBILE-PLAN offers more: an integrated optimization run for blocks and duties for an overall optimization of your resources.

Mission possible: provide an excellent and productive service.

When it comes to your drivers

You want your transport company to be a good place to work and your drivers to be the likeable face of your company? MOBILE-PLAN is your perfect solution allowing consideration of soft factors for the building of duty rosters as well. Even more, it allows comparing the results of the planning before and after the soft factors have been taken into account and subsequently to decide which benefits you are able to offer your drivers. So, you can keep costs down while creating shifts that are good for your drivers.

For the actual driver management and timekeeping of the block and duty data will be provided to a driver management software, like MOBILE-PERDIS offered by initperdis.

MOBILE-PLAN allows you to

  • Plan an excellent service
  • Utilize resources optimally
  • Increase your productivity
  • Publish your timetables
  • Get your drivers aboard